Wednesday, January 17, 2018


LOLA ARMY - Designed by Eva. 

There’s too much of the type of news you hope will never come. That which you desperately want to be fake or just plain untrue. Or even just plain mistaken. Today was another of those, when someone who is really just a kid departs in an altogether untimely fashion. Eva was something else, a gentle soul with a huge artistic, creative heart who apart from all that was just a wee gem that radiated. 
She and her life partner Murky blazed a trail across the Spanish Underground. Perhaps the best known of these projects is LCDD, who played all across the planet. Even in Glasgow.

Lisa Fancher, Eva, Old bloke
outside LA ALEGRIA in Madrid

November 2016

Photo by MURKY
During a fairly protracted period of illness, her creative edge never slipped and she was the mastermind behind LOLA. A wee Spanish wummin that can be found in regalo emporiums all across Spain. Eva presented me with one during Sesentafest and it was quite the honour to receive such a cool gift by the designer herself. Most importantly, it was she and Murky that masterminded our adventures in the real Madrid that really made me fall in love with the city.

Sitting in their tiny apartment listening to hopelessly obscure shellac is an experience fully scorched into my skull. It was especially crammed the night after The Dahlmanns made their Wurlitzer debut. So I’ll miss her physical presence the next time I’m in town but she’ll never stop being a fixture in our hearts and minds.  To Murky, we their friends will attempt to help with the huge hole this loss will bring him. We can’t begin to fill it but I hope he knows that we’re all around for him.

I thank both of them for those times of Alegria that hanging out with this cool couple brought to this old daftie.

Here’s her theme song...

Thursday, December 28, 2017

RIP - Jean Luc Le Dû

He posted the following tune recently. Let's remember him through that...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The Danny Fields Section

So it turned out that all those years of hoarding weren’t in vain. I’d posted something about the Madrid exhibition before I took off there but hadn’t seen anything other than some snaps of the way it was coming together.

Walking down those steps to the space, I could never have envisioned the way that it would look. Certainly not the stuff that I’d included. The photos and the art are one thing but to breathe life into material that’s spent the best part of four decades in boxes is something that never crossed my mind, I felt like I was definitely the weak end of it all.

Turns out some of that stuff looks pretty good and what a joy it was to be able to discuss the joys of paste up with a good few like-minded patrons that dropped by. For all of this to go down in my adopted city, it’s all a bit squiffy to contemplate. It was great working with Ruth and Francisco to put it together. Now that all the projects are pretty much done and dusted it’s maybe time to just not plan anything for a while other than maybe a jaunt here or there. I get real sick of me during periods like this.

The time between now and this proposed Brexit shit shouldn’t be wasted. Perhaps common sense will prevail and it won’t happen but I wouldn’t be holding my breath in expectation of that. I count 14 and a bit months to go as bonkers as possible and if we get beyond that then let’s just take it as it comes. We can’t be unscrambling those eggs but there will undoubtedly be breakages along the way. There was an outbreak of that common sense I referred to earlier in America yesterday, let’s hope it’ll catch on. Meanwhile, it feels like the shortest day has been going on for a week. It's hardly gotten light in recent times. 

RIP - Pat DiNizio